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Help with Behavioural Advice and Autism Support in UKAutism Support in the UK from our Specialists.

Autism* is a developmental disability which affects how people interpret the world and interact with people.

The type of intervention best suited for you can be discussed after the initial session has taken place. A therapy session can be as infrequent or as often as necessary. Depending on your location, we can offer ADOS assessments or full autism diagnoses, or therapeutic intervention to help implement an autism programme. We highly recommend that you intervene straight away rather than wait for a formal diagnosis.

Our Autism Support service is currently offered in the following locations:


If your location is not listed but you are close to one of the above, please contact us to find out if we can help you.


*The term "autism" is used here to describe all diagnostic profiles including Asperger's Syndrome and Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA).

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