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Occupational Therapist (OT) - speech therapy, etc.Testimonials for The Owl Centre and its Therapists

As we are committed to providing children with the best possible help and support, and parents with the best advice and reassurance, we welcome testimonial reviews from parents and carers about the professionalism and competence of our therapists, and the speed, efficiency and friendliness with which we deliver our service. Below, therefore, is a selection of reviews, and we welcome more.

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review, help and supportAnon, Kent

Hi Faye, I've received the report and have taken time to read it all carefully. Thank you so much! I'm so relieved and glad that we decided to have [our son] assessed via The Owl Centre and can now move forwards helping him in the future.

review, help and supportC.B., Kent

Faye, Chris and I just want to say you have been a godsend. So very, very helpful. Somebody giving you some help, when you feel desperate, really makes a difference.

review, help and supportAnon, Oxfordshire

Fantastic! Very well presented and interesting. Made learning Makaton fun and not intimidating. A really good course. Can't believe how much I learned!

review, help and supportVictoria, Oxfordshire

Michelle is confident and very friendly. She has expert knowledge and is very approachable. I would highly recommend her. I have learned a great deal.

review, help and supportL.W., Oxfordshire

[About Michelle's Makaton course] Fantastic course and great tutor. I found it very clear to understand, and it was taught in a very relaxed manner which made it enjoyable.

review, help and supportS.D., Oxford (visiting from Australia)

Victoria was *amazing*. Honestly, I can’t speak highly enough of her professionalism and thoughtfulness.


review, help and supportG.P., Kent


I wanted to pass on my gratitude and appreciation to your colleague, Helen. She came to our home to meet my son Oscar and she went above and beyond my expectations. She was caring, nurturing, so passionate and had empathy on a completely different level to anyone I’ve ever met. She was relatable as a mother herself and she made us feel as ease. Can you pass on my appreciation to her, and thank her for making me feel like I’m an ok mum…It’s rare to have such kindness and calmness.


review, help and supportE.K., Gloucestershire


Olga is amazing! So glad to have found her!


review, help and supportMakaton training course attendee, Oxfordshire


Lovely interative course. Michelle was friendly and didn't put anyone under pressure. We learned many signs that we'll put into practice right away. Lots of suggestions for books, websites and apps...We've learned masses and enjoyed ourselves.


review, help and supportMakaton training course attendee, Oxfordshire


Great training, really informative and fun too. Michelle was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Good pace. Venue convenient and appropriate.


review, help and supportL.B., Hertfordshire


Hi Lydia, I know you are busy and I don't want to take your time but I wanted to share with you that, as I was calling around for a new speech therapist, everyone I talked to…had nothing but the nicest things to say about you.  You are truly well thought of and highly talked about amongst that community. I knew it was/is going to be next to impossible to find someone as amazing as you but after chatting with a few ladies I now realize it's impossible :)!! 


review, help and supportM.A., Oxfordshire


Hi Philippa, we so enjoyed meeting you yesterday and [our son] wanted to know when he was going to play with you again! It was such a help to see you at work and we really admire your positive and professional approach. We will both work with the ideas you have given us and will get in touch again if there are further problems. We can’t thank you enough.


review, help and supportK.M., Cambridgeshire


Just to say, Victoria is an excellent music therapist. My son absolutely adores her, and her music sessions.


review, help and supportChristopher's parents, Oxfordshire


We would like to thank Mary for everything she has done for Christopher. It is such a pleasure to hear him speaking the way he now is.

review, help and supportHeadteacher, Bardwell School, Bicester, Oxfordshire

Melissa has worked with parents across Bardwell School over the last year, giving advice and information relating to a wide range of areas. She has been insightful when supporting parent workshops on the SEND Reform and EHC Plans, and the impact of her work has also been realised in pupils from Bardwell accessing further opportunities beyond the school. Melissa has a calm, assured presence that has been well received by all parents who have met with her.

review, help and supportJ.S., Oxfordshire

My son saw Mary at the Owl Centre for regular speech therapy sessions in our home. Mary always provided a fun, structured session for our son. She was a pleasure to work with and always came prepared and really helped our son make some improvements with certain speech sounds he found difficult. We highly recommend her!.

review, help and supportM.G., Oxfordshire

Dear Polly, I just wanted to let you know that Barney's speech is now very good. He sometimes has a moment but on the whole it is great. I wanted to say thank you for helping us. It was down to you that he has made the progress he has.

review, help and supportC.T., Oxfordshire

We turned to the Owl Centre because the NHS currently has long waiting lists for its support services, and it’s brilliant that the Centre provides these services under one umbrella. My enquiry was dealt with fast and efficiently - I was really impressed. Our daughter was seen by both Tanya [SLT] and Stephanie [OT] who were very knowledgeable and quickly built up an excellent relationship with her. I felt as if they really cared and wanted to help both her and us. We are so glad (and lucky) that our NHS paediatrician suggested we contact you. We would certainly recommend the Owl Centre.

review, help and supportP.B., Oxfordshire

As parents, we were worried about [our son’s] stammer. Much of that worry stemmed from a lack of understanding about the condition. We were impressed by how well Mary interacted with [our son] and how her appraisal looked like play. The session helped us to understand how he was developing and how we could help him with his speech. We are now less anxious and feel that he is improving.

review, help and supportC.T., Oxfordshire

Thank you so much [to Stephanie] for such a detailed and insightful report (and for getting it to us so quickly). I really feel that you have articulated what I have been feeling for such a long time but I didn't have the expertise to identify myself. Although [our daughter] has a lot going on, in a way it's a relief to have those feelings validated. Hopefully now we can focus on how to support [her] and enable her to work towards and achieve her own independence.

review, help and supportD.F., Oxfordshire

I would like to say how pleased I was with our assessment [with Philippa]...My little three year old girl was completely put at ease and responded very well. I felt we got much more than we expected from the experience.

review, help and supportA mum from Cambridge

As a parent I have always found Lydia to be really approachable and easy to communicate with.

Social skills help with my daughterH.J., Hertfordshire

I can not recommend the Owl Centre enough. They were recommended to me by a friend at a time when my family was struggling to cope with my ASD daughter. I was getting no help or support from the NHS and didn't know where to turn.I had a lovely phone call with Lydia who was calm, welcoming and very knowledgeable but above all very pro active arranging with my daughter's school to visit her and started working with Ruby straight away. Lydia has been working with my daughter on a weekly basis and Ruby loves their sessions, looking forward to them every week. Her confidence has soared and she's making great progress with her social skills. Lydia doesn't just teach, she looks at the whole person and treats everyone as an individual, building a close bond very quickly.

Lydia recommended Laura to us who visits us fortnightly and has really helped build on Ruby's social skills, organisational skills, recall and boosting her confidence and self esteem. Her sessions are always fun and Ruby loves her visits.

We have seen a huge change in Ruby since using the Owl Centre. Our home is a much happier one and Ruby seems so much calmer and comfortable within herself. I am so happy we decided to use the Owl centre as year 6 and even secondary doesn't seem such a daunting task now.

Professional help, Nicola LatheyEmma Billingham (SENCo and member of SLT @ St. Michael's CE Primary)

We at St. Michael's have found Sarah's expert advice to be invaluable. She is extremely professional in her approach and the children find her a comforting presence. We have used her feedback to close the gap in attainment in a number of our most vulnerable children and will definitely be calling on her support in the future.

Help with speech therapy in gloucesterN.P., Abingdon

Of all the professionals who called at our door when Harry was little, it was Nicola who made the most difference to our son's life.

Help with my Son...A.W., Boars Hill

For [our son, Polly's therapy] has been very helpful - relaxing but fun, and I think his confidence has grown because of it. For me it has been of great benefit in dealing with him. The service in general has been flexible, highly reliable and punctual. I also am secure in the knowledge that I can contact you at any time and know I will get a warm, quick response.

Independent therapy for childrenA.B., Headington

"Molly was so excited every time we drove past Nicola's clinic that she shouted, 'Mum, let's go and see my lady!"

NHS waiting list HelpS.B., Oxford city

We've been extremely happy with the therapy we've received, and our son has really responded to it…[G]iven that the NHS still has us on a waiting list after 9 months, we don't have any regrets about starting private therapy. Moreover, with the NHS, we'd probably only receive therapy once every 2 months or so, and I think the regular meetings at the Owl Centre make a big difference. In addition to excellent therapy, the service and running of the Centre are terrific--everyone is always responsive, flexible, and keeps things simple. We're very satisfied clients!

Special needs help with childJ.M., Islip

Our child has special needs and his progress is slow. But Nicola keeps his sessions lively and fun and leaves Arun rigid with excitement. She always listens to us and explains the next steps for our son in a way in which we can understand and achieve them.

Polly is magicJL (aged 6 years)

"Polly is magic."

JL´s mother

Polly's expertise has made the whole process of sorting out our son's stammer so much easier. Polly has such a wonderful rapport with children, making them feel instantly at ease. Polly has been with us every step of the way, we could not have done it without her. I would definitely recommend the Lidcombe programme and was delighted our son made such rapid progress. Worth every penny.

Owl Centre is the best placed to help usT.M., Witney

I initially contacted 12 therapists...and following initial assessment meetings we narrowed the process down to three players. The Owl Centre seemed best placed to help us...Nicola was great... she seemed to get the balance right between being tough on saying the words correctly and being sensitive enough to keep the session positive...For [our son], Nicola was his number 1 choice too which I guess is a great start!

Private therapyS.K., Garsington

We are very happy with [our son's] speech therapy. Mary is doing a wonderful job. [Our son] can be reluctant and Mary has shown patience and can normally coax [him] round. She makes the sessions fun with lots of games for [him] to interact with, and consequently his speech is becoming much clearer.

Nicola, gloucester, therapystJ.A., Beckley

We are delighted with our relationship with Nicola/The Owl Centre...[T]he main difference between NHS and private therapy is accessibility, frequency, reliability, communication and understanding... [W]e believe that [private therapy] has been worth every penny. [Our son] has undoubtedly benefited directly from Nicola's therapy/intervention but also indirectly because it has improved our understanding as parents and the strategies we employ at home. Likewise, school has also been involved so we are all working together...I would without hesitation recommend Nicola/The Owl Centre...

If you or a family you know is experiencing difficulties with their children's speech, language or behaviour, and would benefit from one or more of the many therapies we offer, then do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to helping parents, carers and, above all, children without delay.

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