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Speech and Language Therapists in GloucestershireHighly Professional Speech and Language Therapists in Gloucestershire.

The Owl Centre boasts a team of highly qualified and experienced Speech and Language Therapists in Gloucestershire

The Speech and Language Therapists at The Owl Centre in Gloucestershire combine expertise and experience with a friendly and sympathetic approach to the children and parents they see. They also have links with the NHS to ensure a seamless continuity for clients who have received NHS assessments or therapy.


Nicola Lathey BSc (Hons) (University College London), MRCSLT, HCPC registered, MASLTIP

Nicola Lathey - Speech and Language therapist in Gloucestershire

I qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist in 1999, graduating from University College London.  I have been working as a Speech and Language Therapist for the NHS and abroad since that time.   I am a member of ASLTIP (Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice), the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and the Health Professional Council. I am also co-author of the prize-winning and best selling book, Small Talk, a guide for parents to understand and boost the natural stages of language development from birth to 4 years old. I have spoken about Speech and Language development in children on national television and on many national and international radio stations, and have written articles and been cited in national and international newspapers, magazines and online.

My decision to train as a Speech and Language Therapist centred on the fact that I have a younger brother with Down's Syndrome, who needed Speech and Language Therapy support when he was young.  I therefore have direct personal experience of the effects which speech and language problems can have on children and on their families.

As a Speech and Language Therapist, I can honestly say that I really enjoy my job and I love working with children.  I am lively and bubbly, and children enjoy the therapy I give them.  I believe that it is important for their sessions to be fun, as this helps them learn.  I was asked many times, whilst working for the NHS, whether I would see children on a private basis. Now, offering private Speech Therapy, I do!



Jennie Nicoll BSc (Hons), MRCSLT, HCPC registered, MASLTIP

Jennie Nicoll - Speech and Language therapist in Gloucestershire

Jennie qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist in 1999. Over the last 15 years, she has gained experience in a range of speech, language and communication difficulties for both pre-school and school aged children. This has included work within one of the trail-blazer Sure Start Centres, Autism Resource Bases and mainstream schools across 3 NHS Services.

Jennie places great importance on building a positive relationship with a child, their parents and the adults working with them in order to maximise the impact of therapy.  She has particular interest in working with school-aged children; providing functional therapy intervention that can be incorporated into their everyday activities both at school and at home. She has a good understanding of the curriculum and how SLT’s can work collaboratively to support a child’s development in the context of their learning.

Jennie will identify a child’s strengths and needs with regards to all aspects of speech, language and social communication following detailed assessment and consultation. Where therapy input is required, Jennie will always tailor to a child’s individual needs.

As a mother of 2 children, Jennie has first-hand experience of the day-to-day challenges of parenthood and the need to make therapy practical, fun and rewarding for all involved.



Lizzy Connolly, BA (Hons) (Hull), PG Dip Speech and Language Sciences (City University, distinction), MRCSLT, HCPC registered.

Liz Connolly - speech therapist in Gloucester

Lizzy is based in West Oxfordshire, but also works in parts of Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. Since qualifying as a Speech and Language Therapist, she has worked in a variety of hospital, pre-school, mainstream school and special school settings, with children and young people from 2-18 years old with a wide range of communication difficulties. She has lots of experience assessing (both formally and informally), diagnosing, and treating children with a very wide range of communication difficulties including: articulation difficulties, verbal dyspraxia, phonological impairment, language delay and language disorder, specific language impairment, ASD, Asperger’s, Downs Syndrome, stammer, cleft palate and global developmental delay.

Working in the NHS for many years, Lizzy has worked in over 20 mainstream and private primary and secondary schools in Oxford.  She has also run four Early Years (pre-school) clinics at the John Radcliffe Children’s Hospital, Kidlington Health Centre, Temple Cowley Health Centre, and Carterton.  Lizzy is Lidcombe trained and has worked with children from 4-16 who stammer, both in tailored 1:2:1 sessions and in intensive dysfluency groups.

Lizzy runs social skills and social thinking groups for primary and secondary aged children and also works 1:2:1 with children needing support in this area, focusing on areas which might include: understanding non-literal language (such as sarcasm, humour, idiom), social conventions, perspective taking, conversation skills, handling teasing, improving vocabulary, and understanding the language of exam questions.

Lizzy currently works part time as a Specialist Therapist in a secondary residential Special School for boys with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Many of these boys have additional difficulties and diagnoses including ADHD, Tourette’s Syndrome, Severe Anxiety Disorders and Sensory Processing difficulties.  She believes strongly in the importance of working closely with all staff (teaching and care) to support a whole school approach to language differentiation. Lizzy works within a multi-disciplinary team including Teachers, LSAs, care workers, OTs, counsellors and clinical psychologists, helping to ensure each child’s needs are met from a holistic perspective.

Lizzy has worked with the Owl Centre for the past three years as a private SALT, seeing a range of children 1:2:1.  She is trained in PECS, Lidcombe, Spires Cleft Training, Narrative Training, Colorful Semantics, Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia and Stammering.

All Liz’s therapy is based on a comprehensive initial assessment and detailed consultation with the client, their family and their teachers, in order to establish an accurate baseline of a child’s strengths and needs, from which therapy input can be measured.

Prior to Speech and Language Therapy, Lizzy enjoyed a career in PR and Marketing.



Laura Brown, BSc (Hons) University College London, MRCSLT, HCPC registered, MASLTIP

Laura Brown - Speech and Language therapist in GloucestershireLaura qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist from University College London in 2002. Over the last 14 years, she has gained considerable experience working within the NHS, progressing to a Highly Specialist role. She has worked for two NHS organisations across a range of settings including clinics, pre-schools, mainstream and special schools and within children’s own homes.

Laura particularly specialises in working with school-aged children with speech, language and communication needs and also has a wealth of experience working with pre-school children with delayed language development and speech sound difficulties. She has specialist skills in working with children with language disorders, autism, selective mutism and speech sound delays/disorders including verbal dyspraxia.

Laura believes that parents play a vital role in the therapy process and will work closely with parents and liaise with teaching/pre-school staff to provide advice and strategies to develop and support children’s communication skills in all of their environments. Laura has two young sons herself and understands the importance of ensuring therapy sessions are fun and engaging for all involved!



Cezarina O’Connor, BSc (Hons) Birmingham City University, MRCSLT, HCPC registered

Cezarina O´connor - BSc (Hons) Birmingham City University, MRCSLT, HCPC registered

Cezarina qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist in 2013 from Birmingham City University. She is based in Gloucestershire and works in a specialised college for young adults with learning, communication and physical difficulties in Birmingham. Her passion for speech and language therapy stems from her own experience of growing up with a sister who had a range of learning and communication difficulties.

Since graduating, Cezarina has been working within specialised secondary and college settings with children and young adults, aged 11 – 25, who have learning, communication and physical difficulties e.g. Down’s syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, visual impairment, and hearing difficulties.

She has extensive experience in carrying out informal and formal assessments. These include observations and screening assessments, gathering information from parents, teaching staff and other professionals, identifying appropriate therapy targets, devising therapy programmes, and carrying out therapy in both 1:1 and in group sessions.

Cezarina is well versed in a broad range of skills and techniques, always seeking out the most appropriate and effective method to help those she supports. Her therapy approaches include PECS, Makaton, social stories, high tech and low tech AAC aides, Intensive Interaction, colourful semantics, speech sound work, dysfluency and the provision of strategies and resources.

Cezarina believes that collaboration and a holistic approach are important when working with children and young adults. This includes working closely with parents, teaching staff and other professionals (Clinical Psychologists, Educational Psychologists, social workers, Physiotherapists, and Occupational Therapists) who all add to the multi disciplinary approach in order to ensure the child or young adult receives the best support possible support in the environment best suited to their needs.



Amy McGregor BSc (Hons), MRCSLT, HCPC registered.

Amy McGregor BSc (Hons), MRCSLT, HCPC registered.Amy qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist in 2005 from The University of Exeter. Over the past 11 years, Amy has gained a vast amount of experience working with pre-school and school-aged children with a wide range of speech, language, and communication difficulties. These include dysfluency, speech sound delay and disorders, including verbal dyspraxia and language delay and disorders. Amy has worked in a variety of settings including home visits, clinics, and schools where she has provided both individual and group therapy sessions.

As well as working for the NHS, Amy has gained invaluable experience working overseas. She worked for The Ministry of Education in New Zealand and privately within a Child Development Centre in Queensland, Australia, where she was trained in The Lidcombe Program and Hanen – It Take Two to Talk.

Amy has two young school-aged children and appreciates how busy life with children can be. Therefore, she is passionate about working closely with families to make therapy goals achievable and realistic to work into everyday family life. Amy places high value on working with teachers and teaching assistants, empowering them with skills to support children’s progress in their everyday settings. She believes that working collaboratively with all involved is essential in order to obtain a thorough understanding of the child and their needs.

Amy believes that building a strong relationship with the child and family is the foundation of a successful therapeutic relationship. Sessions therefore strive to be relaxed, comfortable, motivating and fun for all involved.

Places that Amy can travel to in order to provide outreach visits include (but are not limited to):

  • Ampney Crucis
  • Ampney St Mary’s
  • Ampney St. Peters
  • Ashton Keynes
  • Bibury
  • Blunsdon
  • Chesterton
  • Cirencester
  • Coates
  • Coln St Aldwins
  • Cricklade
  • Down Ampney
  • Duntisbourne Abbotts
  • Duntisbourne Leer
  • East Swindon
  • Fairford
  • Harnhill
  • Hatherop
  • Hayden Wick
  • Highworth
  • Kemble
  • Kempsford
  • Latton
  • Letchlade
  • Meysey Hamptin
  • Meysey Hampton
  • Minety
  • North Swindon
  • Perrotts Brook
  • Poulton
  • Purton
  • Quenington
  • Rendcombe
  • Siddington
  • South Cerney
  • Stratton
  • Stroud



Abigail Watling BSc (Hons), PGDip, CertMRCSLT, HCPC Registered

Abigail Watling BSc (Hons), PGDip, CertMRCSLT, HCPC Registered

Abigail qualified as a Speech & Language Therapist in 2011 from Birmingham City University. She is based in Gloucestershire and works in a specialised college for young adults with learning, communication and physical difficulties in Cheltenham.

Since graduating, Abigail has gained experience working with a variety of patient groups including complex physical and learning disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, visual impairment, hearing difficulties, brain injuries, mental health and progressive neurological conditions. These have been across a wide range of settings including hospitals, clinics, mainstream & special schools/colleges and clients’ homes in the community.

Abigail has experience in completing many formal and informal assessments. She understands the importance of being flexible and creative in assessing complex clients, and values in-depth observations and information-gathering with family, carers and the wider multi-disciplinary team. Abigail is confident in appropriately linking the results of assessments to management and decision making. This enables her to identify the most appropriate and person-centred therapy, the right targets, and to create motivating programmes to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Abigail has a broad knowledge of different therapeutic interventions to support receptive and expressive language and social communication, as well as to develop positive communication environments for an individual through bespoke training packages. Abigail also has extensive clinical experience in the assessment and management of Dysphagia (eating and drinking difficulties) with specialist skills in supporting individuals with complex needs to eat and drink safely, as well as supporting sensory-based difficulties.

Abigail has specialist knowledge of working with young people who use AAC to communicate, including hi-tech systems such as Smartbox, Tobii, Accent, Liberator and Dynavox devices using a variety of software such as Grid 2&3, Snap&Core and Mind Express, to name a few. These come with a variety of access methods such as eyegaze, switches, direct and auditory/partner assisted scanning. As well as hi-tech AAC experience, Abigail has also used low tech AAC such as PECS, talking mats, social stories, communication books, communication passports and so on.

Abigail can provide an assessment of appropriate systems and can then support the individual to develop their literacy and communication through these.

Abigail has worked extensively as part of a multidisciplinary team throughout her career and values collaborative practice as an integral part of the holistic management of an individual and their speech, language and communication needs.



Rebecca Burnham BSc (Hons) Birmingham City University, HCPC Registered

Rebecca Burnham BSc (Hons) Birmingham City University, HCPC Registered

Rebecca has recently qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist from Birmingham City University. She is a member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. Rebecca is a strong believer in early intervention, providing advice and guidance to support speech, language, and communicative development.

Rebecca has experience working with pre-school and school aged children and believes that tailoring therapy around the child’s likes and interests is key. She feels it is important to build a robust relationship with the family, ensuring their views and needs are accounted for when planning therapy.

Rebecca recognises that parents may be concerned or worried about the challenges their child faces, and strives to reassure and support families where possible. Rebecca believes in a holistic and collaborative approach to intervention, ensuring all environments have been considered and the child is supported in as many settings as possible.



Chloe Farley B.Med Sci (Hons) University of Sheffield, HCPC Registered

Chloe Farley B.Med Sci (Hons) University of Sheffield, HCPC Registered

Chloe qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist in 2007 and started working for the NHS. During the early part of her career, she focused on developing general clinical skills, working with children aged 2 years old to 12 years old with speech delay / disorder, language delay / disorder, cleft palate, selective mutism and Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

In 2009, Chloe started to work with children who have complex physical and learning needs and has developed specialist skills with this client group.

Chloe’s caseload consists of children with Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, sensory impairments, degenerative conditions and those with Profound Multiple Learning Difficulties. She is highly experienced at implementing therapy using Makaton, parent child interaction techniques, picture exchange communication systems (PECS), a variety of alternative and augmentative communication systems (AAC), intensive interaction and traditional language therapy approaches.

Chloe has worked as part of a multidisciplinary team across a range of settings (child development centres, special schools, mainstream schools) and believes joint working is essential to ensure children reach their full potential.

Chloe became the Lead SLT for preschool Autism within her team with particular focus on Autism Assessments. She is trained in the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) and has extensive experience using the assessment. She understands that using the tool is only one part of the assessment process and ensures collaborative working with the wider team to reach a diagnostic conclusion.

Chloe believes the key to successful therapy is true joint working with families and education staff, realistic recommendations which can be applied throughout the day, and therapy activities which make communication hard to resist.

Chloe is based in Fairford, and can provide outreach sessions in the following areas:

  • Burford
  • Carterton
  • Cirencester
  • Cricklade
  • Fairford
  • Highworth
  • North Swindon
  • South Cerney




Profiles of the other Owl Centre therapists to follow soon.


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