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Help with Behavioural Advice and Autism Support in GloucestershireBehavioural Advice Specialists in Gloucestershire.

The Owl Centre boasts a team of highly qualified and experienced Behavioural Advice Specialists in Gloucestershire.

Behavioural Advice Specialists at The Owl Centre in Gloucestershire combine expertise and experience with a friendly and sympathetic approach to the children and parents they see. They also have links with the NHS to ensure a seamless continuity for clients who have received NHS assessments or therapy.


Sara Louise Griffiths BA (Hons) PGCE (TCSLD) 

Sara Louise Griffiths BA (Hons) PGCE (TCSLD) 

Sara’s passion for working in the area of learning disability was kindled in the mid 1980s, when she and her husband lived and worked in a community home for learning disabled adults, run along Rudolph Steiner principles.

Sara qualified as a teacher of children with severe learning difficulties in 1988. Since then she has worked with children of different ages and a wide range of learning difficulties. As part of her teaching role, Sara became a portage worker and had the opportunity to work with children and parents in their homes, which greatly deepened her understanding of the pressures and anxieties experienced by parents. During the last 6 years, Sara has been working as a teacher of severely autistic children with complex sensory needs. Because of the diverse nature of the children's needs, much of her work has involved creating individual pathways, devising achievable targets and engaging each child in 1-1 or small group activities using Intensive Interaction, Sensory Integration, structured and imaginative play, Schema, Total Communication and Teacch tasks in a structured timetable.

Sara works closely with her team of teaching assistants and has daily contact with parents to provide consistent support for each child. She works alongside Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Educational Psychologists, Community Learning Disability Team colleagues, and other professionals to provide the best possible outcomes for each child.

Sara has 4 children of her own, one of whom has a severe receptive language disorder, so she has first-hand experience of the strain and worry involved in bringing up a child with learning difficulties. She has also been on the receiving end of a range of health and educational professionals and recognises the need for them to work together, to be positive, empathetic and supportive, and to suggest practical and imaginative ways to overcome obstacles and find solutions.


Profiles of the other Owl Centre therapists to follow soon.  


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