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Autism Specialist and Family Support Consultant in Berkshire and help with childrenAutism Specialist and Family Support Consultant in Berkshire

The Owl Centre is happy to add Autism Specialists and Family Support Consultants to their team in Berkshire, providing a friendly and sympathetic solutions-focused approach to the children and parents they see.



Leslie-Ann Frankfort - BA (Hons), MA

Leslie-Ann Frankfort


Full name: Leslie-Ann Frankfort

Known as: Leslie-Ann

Type of therapist: Autism Specialist

Qualifications: BA (Hons), MA


  • Extensive education in early child development and autism.
  • Experience of delivering and utilising a child centric approach within an education setting.
  • Experienced trainer and supervisor.
  • Specialism in autism, family support and tailored strategies.

Interesting fact:

  • I am musical theatre trained (I was in Harry Potter)
  • I am American
  • I wear workout clothing but do not go to the gym
  • I love to cook so much that I think I am a home chef




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